Photo credit Ashley st. Germain photography

Photo credit Ashley st. Germain photography

I met Andrea in my 35th week of pregnancy and felt a connection with her immediately. She has a very warm and open personality and I felt that she would be very helpful in assisting with my birth. She has a variety of techniques to use during labour which I found very helpful. She was with me the minute I needed her and stayed until we were all settled after our son was born. It meant a lot to have the extra support especially with this being my first baby and I would definitely repeat this experience again with my next baby! I would recommend having the doula experience in a heartbeat for your birth and would recommend Andrea to anyone looking for a great doula!

— J.O.

We had such a great experience with our Doula Andrea Paul. Andrea provided my partner and I with a tremendous amount of information prior to the labour as well as ensured all of our  questions and concerns were answered and our minds at ease. With this being my first pregnancy and child, there was a lot of I was unsure about and afraid of. Andrea was able to help me get through the fears and ensure I was given the most up to date, accurate information. Andrea was extremely supportive while I was in labour, using certain massage techniques to assist in the pain management and assisting in proper breathing methods. We were extremely lucky with how knowledgeable and caring Andrea was. She really made my pregnancy and labour experience more positive and enjoyable.

— S.T.


At first I wasn't sure how a Doula could really help with our labour. I understood the conept but wasn't sure if I would benefit? Boy was I wrong! Andrea was such a blessing in the delivery room. From getting me through the tough beginnings of labour to coaching me through the stressful & exhausting pushes, I don't know what we would have done without her support. She was able to bring me back from the brink of uncertainty & right back to the most important task at hand, bringing our precious baby boy into our lives. If anyone were to question whether having a Doula made a difference, I would emphatically argue that it truly does. Andrea is an amazing person & a fantastic Doula. Anyone who has her there by their side to help them through such a monumental time in their lives, is truly lucky. If we are ever blessed with mre children, Andrea will be the first on our list of people to call! :)

— J.M.

As one of Andrea'a first clients I am happy to share my experiences with her. I had a relatively quick birth (5 hours) and I delivered at home. Andrea arrived quickly when I called her even though she was in the middle of her day job. She arrived and quickly took care of me. i was so thankful to have her as my husband was more into preparation and filling the birth pool than helping me with contractions. Andrea helped me labour right until the end, offering encouraging words when she felt necessary. She wasn't too vocal or "in your face" and she was always there to get whatever we needed. I couldn't imagine having a successful home birth without her. My favourite trait about Andrea is that she is non judgemental and believes every family is different and adapts to their specific needs. I recommend meeting with her as her infectious personality will do the rest! Thanks doula Andrea for a beautiful experience. 

— A.G.


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